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In order to meet large of Sugarcane planting areas market,our company developed YN-8000 Sugarcane Loader. YN-8000 Sugarcane Loader absorbed the basis of technology from other products on the market.
At the same time we used Pro/E three-dimensions, Mastercam virtual simulation, Finite elements analysis and other modern technology method to design it. We have spend over 2 year on design and test YN-8000 Sugarcane Loader. 
YN-8000 Sugarcane Loader available for traction, snatch, transport, loading, unloading and other operations and it mainly use in farm, ranch harvest transfer. Through long time test the performance of YN-8000 Sugarcane Loader is better than similar machines. YN-8000 Sugarcane Loader is a special loader with very high strength,efficiency and  stability.





No. Item Data
1 Total weight  8500Kg
2 Max Grab and loading weight  1200Kg 
3 Engine Brand Cummis(4BT3.9-C100)
4 Rate Power 110 HP /83KW 
5 Swing Angle of boom 100°                                     
6 Hydraulic system pressure 16Mpa 
7 Hydraulic system flux 40/32cc 
8 Max.height of snatch 5600mm 
9 Max. Grabbing height 4250mm 
10 Open width of grasping 1850mm 
11 Wheel base  2670 mm 
12  Track base 2200mm  
13 Ground Clearance 530mm 
14 Max walking speed 30Km/h 
15 Total Length 6700mm 
16 Total width  2670mm 
17 Total  Hight





1. Engine: Adopt Cummins diesel engine, excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, large power reserves, long stroke,.
2. Oil tube: Choose high-pressure rubber pipe imported from Italy, which suits all the bad working environment, antiquake, anti-loose, stand fire.
3. Hydraulic working system: taking advanced Doosan hydraulic system, it can reduce wobble with buffer function, and the machine service life can be extend.
4.Transmission system: adopts traditional gearbox and torque converter transmission, the system is stable and reliable.
5. Structure: Choose the domestic Carbon- steel with excellent quality, improving the strength of structure in a high level, which guarantee the safety of traveling and construction.
6. Surface treatment: derusting with large size shot blast machine, to change welding stress.
7. Surface spray coating: ant rusting paint, finishing paint.
8. The process of welding: carbon dioxide MIG welding.
9. Working table controlled by microcomputer, water temperature, oil temperature, current, work timing are all insight.
10. Famous brand hydraulic components are adopted, of which the operating life is long, the power is driving and the operating speed is fast.
11. Ascendant performance of complete appliance, with extraordinary operation efficiency.
12.Durable working system, low maintain cost.


Field Working Pictures